Qualites That Make For Great Architecture Professionals

Qualites That Make For Great Architecture Professionals
  • Creativity - Architects must have very good creative visualization skills and the ability to imagine all angles of a project in order to make interesting, functional, and unique projects come to life.
  • Technical Skills - The ability to draw and draft well is essential to the architect's work. While some innate talent at drawing is important, the training architects receive is the biggest contributor to technical skills; especially in being able to use, interpret, and share ideas using a common language.
  • Patience - Architects work with many different kinds of people, under sometimes stressful conditions, on projects that can take years to com
  • e to fruition. Communication Skills - Communicating well is probably one of the best survival techniques for the architect. An architect must be able to "sell" his or her idea to someone first, then communicate all the important steps with designers, builders, clients, oversight agencies, other firms, etc.
  • Math, Science and Engineering Skills - Architects use the principles of physics, trigonometry, calculus, engineering, mathematics, and more in the work every day. A firm grasp of these areas should be secured early on in ones education.
  • Computer Skills - Architects use computers in so many ways, and the easiest way to become familiar with these applications is through studio and lab work in school.

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