Helicopter Career Specialties

Emergency Medical Services

EMS pilots transport patients, provide emergency medical treatment, and transport organs. Life Flight helicopters are well-known for responding to accident scenes.


Fire crew pilots collect and distribute water to combat forest and other types of fires using sea snorkels and water buckets.

Flight Instruction

Flight instructors teach new pilots how to successfully navigate a helicopter. Many pilots become instructors after completing their training in order to increase their flying hours

Game Capture

Helicopters are used to track and capture large game animals, such as rhinos and lions. Pilots can safely locate and dart an animal and guide it to where ground crews can access the animal.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement pilots help track criminals, patrol borders, perform search and rescue operations, and photograph crime scenes.

Private Service

Private helicopter pilots work for corporations or individuals and often get to travel to exotic locations with the passengers they are transporting.

Test Piloting

Test pilots are the first pilots to fly a helicopter after repairs to ensure everything is working properly.


Tour pilots fly passengers over destinations such as the Hawaiian islands, Grand Canyon, and New York City. Tour pilots must have excellent people skills.

Traffic Reporting

Traffic helicopter pilots fly at low altitudes over a city with a traffic reporter who reports on driving conditions.

Utility Support

Utility pilots fly through mountainous terrain and confined areas to perform construction work, monitor pipelines, maintain electric systems, and provide support to ground crews.

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